Utterly MAD #4
Note: Most MAD books have multiple cover variations. If a variation is known, I will have it listed here. If it is part of my collection you will see a cover scan. If I am still searching for that variation, you will see a coming soon picture. If you are aware of another variation that is not listed here...PLEASE email me with the information and preferably a cover scan so I can update this list. I would like to see this list as complete as possible for collectors to use as a reference guide.
Ballantine, 1958/1/4th
Pink Book
iBooks, 2002/1/1st
50th Anniversary Edition (5"x7")
Ballantine, 1954/1/1st
Green Book
Ballantine, 1978/2/17th
Norman Mingo Cover
Ballantine, 1970/2/5th
"Pop-Art" Cover
Ballantine, 1975/2/8th
Robert Grossman Cover
Ballantine, 1964/2/2nd
Blue Book