Estimated Value: $8.40
Note: This is a reprint of the infamous "The New First Issue of MAD". This is an Australian issue. I believe an American version also exists but have not been able to locate one...yet! I have seen other scans with the "Special Collector's Edition" logo placed on the bottom right hand corner instead of centered like this one. Also, it may have been published in 1983. If any one can confirm or deny this, or better yet sell me your copy, please let me know.

* I now own a copy of the "US" version, although inside or out there is no information as to when or where or by who it was printed? The paper is thicker than normal magazine print. If you have information, please pass it along!

Note: Estimated Value's are pulled from available source's such as; "Collectibly MAD by Grant Geissman", "The Comic Book Price Guide by Robert M. Overstreet", and eBay Sales.