Completely MAD Collection Box Set
Note: Most MAD books have multiple cover variations. If a variation is known, I will have it listed here. If it is part of my collection you will see a cover scan. If I am still searching for that variation, you will see a coming soon picture. If you are aware of another variation that is not listed here...PLEASE email me with the information and preferably a cover scan so I can update this list. I would like to see this list as complete as possible for collectors to use as a reference guide.
Signet, 1972
8 Book Set
"Black Box"

1. MAD About MAD
2. Three Ring MAD
3. Looks At Our Sick World
4. MADvertising
5. Spews Out More SATSQ
6. MAD Power
7. Looks at the U.S.A.
8. Sing Along With MAD